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Target a single

hockey rink.
coffee shop.
car dealership.
shopping mall.
condo building.
golf course.
movie theatre.
football field.
industrial park.
concert hall.
parking lot.
grocery store.
dog park.
spin studio.
fitness centre.
drug store.
office building.
race track.
music festival.
swimming pool.
ski hill.
hair salon.
dental office.

Carto is your expert in Hyper-Targeted advertising.

Hyper allows you to advertise to an area as precise as a single building. Your ads reach your target audience on their smartphones, tablets and laptops through thousands of websites and apps. We create your unique campaign blueprint and deliver impressions based on how your audience interacts with the real world—where they shop, eat, drink, work and play.

We collect data coast to coast, from the biggest cities to the tiniest hamlets.

We analyze millions of impressions every day. Each impression tells a story and we use this information to build the right audience for your campaign. Search a city, or two or three, to get a glimpse of what we know.

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Get the most out of your advertising budget and start reaching the right audience.

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Why Hyper Works

The best part of Hyper isn’t that it’s new or cutting edge, it’s that it works.

Device IDs > Cookies

Most digital advertising targeting is based on cookies. The problem with this is most cookies expire after 14 days. Hyper, on the other hand, targets by device ID. These IDs exists as long as the life of the device.

Reduces Spillage

Hyper is able to target an area as small as 10m x 10m (or the size of a single house). The smallest that Google and Facebook can target is an area with a 1km radius. We dramatically reduce wasteful spending by only speaking to the audience you want.

Greater Reach

DoubleClick is the most used advertising exchange in North America. However, it only accounts for about 20% of the available inventory. In comparison we are a unicorn and use 10 different exchanges, ensuring your campaign has as much reach as possible.

Doubles Industry Performance

The average programmatic campaign will see a click-through-rate of 0.06%, success is defined at 0.10%. Hyper typically exceeds a 0.20% CTR making it twice as effective as normal programmatic.

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