At Carto, we specialize in building the most efficient digital advertising campaigns imaginable. Our toolbox consists of Hyper, Search and Social advertising. Working with us ensures your advertising is seen by the right audience,
in the right place, at the right time.

We cut through the pageantry. With research and intelligence, we deliver tailored solutions to convert the customers you know and locate those you want. In a rapidly evolving landscape, we provide support and guidance for all types and sizes of businesses. Carto brings innovation to digital advertising, maximizing the value of every dollar spent.

Navigate the digital world for all businesses.

Digital advertising should be accessible for all businesses, not just a privileged few. Whether you are a small, medium or large company, we believe you should have access to our technology and expertise, and deserve the dedication and innovation that the Carto team provides.

We empower clients to become leaders in a technology-driven word.

Understanding digital advertising is crucial in today’s marketplace. We want our clients to benefit from our expertise, so you can make informed choices to best ensure your business’ continued success.

Access, Efficiency, Creativity

There is a lot of noise in the digital advertising marketplace. We cut through this hullabaloo by ensuring all our clients have access to the newest advertising technologies, efficiently spend their budget by reaching the right audience and use creativity to grow their business.

Meet The Team


Vik is the guy in the office who knows a thing or two about any topic. Try him. He’s guaranteed read an article about whatever obscure Nixon-era political fact, the latest top-secret Silicon Valley tech, or NCAA March Madness stat you just googled. He’s the one you’ll really want as your Phone a Friend when a million dollars is on the line. A cheerful and innovative ideas man who knows how to get moving on a project, Vik likes to stay busy and has been that way since his poli-sci university days when he had a different club meeting almost every day of the week. These days, running the ship at Carto and fills his time—not to mention constantly distracting the staff with his incessant chattiness and non-stop movie trivia—but he gets the itch to travel every so often and is always excited to tick another country off the list.


Justin’s mind is always at work finding solutions and trying to figure out why things work the way they do. He’s the one in the office keeping everyone organized and on top of things with spreadsheets and all kinds of processes. But he often hears the call of the wild and gets into nature as often as he can—hiking, biking, fishing, and skiing. In fact, his idea of fun is hiking 115 km in five days. A University of Alberta BCom grad in Strategic Management and Organization, Justin won the HSBC Scholarship in Business and graduated with distinction (2013). He took second place at the JDC West International Business case competition in Vancouver (20¬11) and has gained significant experience by studying in both Germany and Hong Kong, volunteering in Kenya and working for the Alberta Government in Hong Kong. Justin has been an integral part of the business since its inception, and if he’s not playing hockey or cooking up a delicious foodie-lovers dish at home, is busy at the office working on strategies and client management.

Director – Operations & Logistics

Never one to miss the nuances of conversation, Travis is always up to bat with a dry one-liner that gets the team laughing. Born on Christmas day, he’s used to sharing the spotlight and taking one for the team. He once literally took one in the form of a broken arm trying to hood slide a car like Starsky and Hutch. A Lethbridge native, Travis founded Bearly Clothing while at the University of Lethbridge, shipping orders to the West Coast and making local deliveries. His work ethic impressed and he was hired to work at F-Media straight outta university and landed a high-profile client within months. Travis’ management degree saw him graduate with great distinction in marketing (2014) and become a semi-finalist in Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec the same year. A Jays fan, Travis has traveled to see them play in Seattle and in game five of the 2016 ALCS in Toronto. His competitive nature comes out on the volleyball court, and while golfing, surfing, and trying to race Justin to the office in the morning.

Manager – Strategy & Sales

Gabby brightens up every room she enters with her vibrant smile and a laugh that can be heard two floors down. Seriously, she is that loud and nothing makes her laugh harder than a good pun. She’s always up for fun and thinks she can rap like Cardi B or Nicki Minaj, while claiming Khloe Kardashian as her spirit animal. She is an energy exchange student at Moksha Yoga and is on the path to complete her teacher’s certificate. Gabby works as hard, if not more so, than she plays. Working for a decade at ATB Financial, she moved her way up to become the company’s youngest personal banking manager and had the most successful branch opening to date—turning a profit during the recession. She was an ATB President’s League winner three times. She is also an entrepreneur and owned a small travel franchise that only fuelled her huge passion for globe-trotting. She’s been to Vegas 45 times, Bora Bora, the Caribbean, Thailand, and most of Europe including Italy, her family’s home country. To sound more legit Italian, Gabby claims Corso 32 is her favourite restaurant, but we all know it’s really McDonalds. She is a lover of espresso and prosecco and is guaranteed to beat any competition at pop culture trivia night.

Director – Strategy & Sales

An outdoor enthusiast through and through, Cam is an avid hiker, runner, snowboarder, wakeboarder and mountain biker. He’s been involved in three avalanches, two Death Races and even caught a fish once while wakeboarding. How this guy is still alive, we’re not quite sure. It could be due to his eternal optimism. Cam always wakes up on the right side of the bed and might just be the friendliest guy you’ve ever met. He’ll converse with you for hours on any topic, including how to find the best lighting for nature photography, how to rebuild your car’s engine—he rebuilt his first when he was 14—or even the finer details of particle physics and quantum field theory. Cam has an MBA from Queens (2014) where he won multiple internal and external case studies, and also studied in Hong Kong while a University of Alberta student working on his B Comm. in Marketing and Business Law. Cam is our man in Calgary and his passion for life, learning, adventure—and fast cars—follows him from home to the office. He’ll always go the extra mile when it comes to client care and won’t stop working until every part of a campaign is race-ready.

Manager – Strategy & Sales

Kyle knows how to Tetris a moving van. He has lived in 15 homes in eight different cities and is a pro at packing a box. He’s called Vancouver home for the past eight years and spent a couple of them fostering kittens. He’s kind of a softie and taught them how to play fetch and walk on a leash. He was involved in the music industry for nearly 10 years in artist management, event promotions and contract negotiations. He owned a record label, was a music blogger, published lyricist and a DJ. He’s now transitioning into video blogging. Kyle is driven in whatever he does and won top awards when he worked at InfoBip, Yellow Pages and Future Shop. He is a UBCO political science grad and loves talking about what’s going on in politics and world events. Kyle has dislocated his shoulder more than 20 times. How, you ask? Mainly through sports like soccer, volleyball and baseball, but for some reason even fist pumping and sleeping can throw it out of joint. Although a bit of a minimalist, his book and vinyl collections take up a fair chunk of space in his home. Oh, and all his Batman stuff. Bring up any topic with Kyle and you’re guaranteed to have an engaging conversation.

Manager – Technology & Development

Rinat loves adventure and will try anything once just to prove to herself that she can do it. She’s been hang gliding, bungee jumping, skydiving and zorbing—google it. You’ll be jelly. But once she’s accomplished something, she likes to move on to the next thing. She’s travelled all over Europe, Asia, South America, the US West Coast and New Zealand. Think of a place and she’s probably been there. She loves travelling because everything is new and the little things are all slightly different. Rinat is from Tel Aviv and earned her PhD in computer science from Tel Aviv University before moving to Boulder, CO in 2015. In Israel she worked on teams developing multimedia chips for mobile phones, small business accounting and a “smart home” controller. In Colorado, she co-founded a business with a fellow software engineer and they developed an online tutoring web platform to connect university students with tutors and hold one-on-one classes online. Rinat is a board-game fanatic and especially likes resource-management games like Tzolki’en and Catan—the first game to win her over. But she’ll play anything and likes having friends over for weekly games nights.

Manager – Culture & Communications

Anna has been a creative character since childhood when the ambidextrous artist decided to write and paint left-handed and do everything else with her right. Hey, it’s tough being a lefty in a right-handed world. She has been smitten with all things marketing, communications and design since she landed her first graphic design job at 18 years old. Anna has worked on a Summit Creative Awards winning a campaign and volunteers on the marketing committee for the Nordlys Film and Arts Festival. She’s an adventurer who loves nothing better than getting out on the open road and driving to anywhere with a good view, a spot to set up a tent, light a fire, put up her feet and escape into a good book—or podcast. If she’s not participating in a dance or fitness class, she’s often off hiking and exploring another of Alberta’s trails. Anna has a love for learning and an eye for details and will work on a project until it’s pretty and makes sense. She’s our go-to for finishing touches and think-outside-the-box ideas.

Manager – Operations & Logistics

Ash is the busiest person you’ll ever meet who still always seems to have her nose stuck in a book. A chill brainiac who is passionate about freedom of expression and the arts, she graduated from the Arts and Cultural Management Program from MacEwan University (2008) and later studied film studies at the University of Alberta. Ash is super involved in Edmonton’s arts and cultural scene and has volunteered as the treasurer for the Film and Video Arts Society, a programmer for Metro Cinema, the communications coordinator for the Edmonton Film School, a board member with Canadian University Press – Campus Plus, and as a coordinator with the Association for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth—she once caught a friend’s baby during a home birth when it decided to make an early arrival when the father was out of the room. To top it all off, Ash sings, plays guitar and tickles the ivories in several bands, and supports local musicians by attending their shows every weekend. Her fighter-pilot father moved the family to Botswana for a few years when she was a child, and she looks forward to returning there someday with her sons to dance and make music with the locals and camp out in lion country.

Lead – Operations & Logistics

You know that one person who can figure out how to do anything and then does it better than you? Ross is that guy, though he’d never say so himself. Focused and meticulous, with a dry sense of humor, Ross lives by the words of the great Macho Man Randy Savage too, “Do the thing, ooooh yeah!” A graduate of the University of Alberta (2007) with a degree in history, Ross then honed his design skills as the Design and Production Editor at The Gateway newspaper, spending more time on his weekly comics than attending graduate classes. The devotion paid off as he went on to self-publish an e-book of his work in 2015. An avid pacer, graphic doodler, alpha cat, and wander-luster, Ross spent two months exploring the lands of his British and Irish ancestors in 2010, and a couple of weeks in Japan in 2015 only to discover that amidst a land rife with UNESCO World Heritage sites and natural splendour, the highlight of the trip was dinner theatre run by ninjas. At the office, Ross will sit for hours focused on his work, with the occasional guitar strumming or one-handed chin-ups breaks.

Lead – Strategy & Sales

Manny is technically an African prince who grew up in Vegas—you read that right. His dad’s family has held the Effutu chieftaincy in Ghana and his mom’s grandpa was the supreme leader of the Assin Attendance and advised Ghana’s first president. But you won’t find him lording it over anyone at the office. Manny is the most chill guy around and loves working from the couch and discussing all levels of politics with whoever happens to walk by. He’s a whiz at marketing and sales and is one of the founders of Tomato, a grocery-shopping app/startup project. He won the Mark Robinson Global Entrepreneurship Development Award (2016) for this work while completing his Bachelor of Commerce in Management at MacEwan University. Manny also has a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. But he still makes time for play. He’s a huge Denver Broncos fan and won’t miss a game for any reason. He played football in high school and nowadays enjoys the odd game of flag and hiking in the mountains whenever he gets a chance. He’ll watch anything directed by Sam Mendes and is oddly proud of the fact that he once danced to “Get Low” in front of Matthew Perry and Yvette Nicole Brown.

Lead – Operations & Logistics

Ben likes to keep active by going to the gym, playing hockey and snowboarding. You’d think he’d have some painful broken bone stories to share, but his calcium stores are too strong for that as he’s never so much as had a fracture. Ben’s love of sports extends to the professionals too and the Blue Jays, Cowboys and Oilers get his loudest cheers—but that’s where the noise ends. He’s not one of those guys who’ll yell, “Missed a spot!” at unsuspecting zamboni drivers. He understands the pressure of having an arena full of people watching you manoeuvre a giant mop around the ice since he used to drive one himself. Ben graduated with a BComm from MacEwan, is also a NAIT Marketing grad and before coming our way worked as a Trainmaster at CN. This guy has had the coolest jobs! Ben likes to spend his weekends camping and brings along his very silly husky-cross Stella. If he happens to be sticking around the city he’ll either be sitting on a patio, drink in hand, or bingeing a new Netflix series while waiting for HBO to release the latest season of Game of Thrones. Oh, and he’s a strong believer that all of Westeros is screwed with a white walker dragon on the loose.

Coordinator – Operations & Logistics

Keith likes to dabble in this and that until he finds an interest that truly defines him. He keeps a keyboard in his living room and practises every day. He’s gone to quite a few concerts but his number-one performer will always be Lana del Rey—he’s her biggest fan and will proudly rock a pair of heart-shaped glasses. He’s also a voracious reader and can quote Virginia Woolf to you while sitting around a blazing bonfire. Keith is pretty outdoorsy and can build a mean campfire. He also has a passion for gardening—his favourite flower is a blue rose—and is known for fiercely guarding his squash against cutworms during planting season. He’s a talented vegetarian chef, having come by this out of necessity when he embraced vegetarianism six years ago, and he makes a vampire-killing garlic bread. He loves beer and can answer any of your obscure questions about it as he began studying the finer points of brews when working in a liquor store. Keith is our littlest hobo, having lived all over and moving on to the next town when he feels his work is done. He’s originally from Winnipeg, but has lived in Richmond, Fort McMurray, Edmonton and Calgary.

Coordinator – Operations & Logistics

Have you ever seen the movie Cocktail with Tom Cruise? It’s actually a biopic of Stephen’s life, well, all except for the wealthy New Yorkers, illegitimate pregnancies, and excessive drama. When he’s not working at Carto, Stephen runs a small catering and pop-up restaurant company. He has a passion for fine food and a well-made cocktail. Known for hosting a mean dinner party, Stephen honed his skills cooking for his fraternity brothers at the University of Alberta, where he studied political science and economics. He’s also a fanatic about playing sports. All sports. He plays competitive soccer and recreational everything else, and you can’t shut him up about hockey pools, fantasy football, and any other imaginary sports played for fake internet points. Stephen’s other idea of fun is playing strategy board games into the wee hours of the morning. He’s a detail noticer and will work hard to make sure every project he undertakes ends up wowing those around him.

Coordinator – Strategy & Sales

Karyss is the office time-zone trekker. She’s always planning another adventure to check off her bucket list. She’s been bobsledding at the Austrian Olympic track, where she discovered that g-force is no joke; swimming in the Great Barrier Reef, where she got seasick ten minutes into the eight-hour boat ride; and biking through Munich, where surprisingly, nothing rough happened Oh, and let’s not forget her handful of visits to the happiest place on earth: Disneyland! This tea junkie will rarely be found sipping plain ol’ tap water. She’s been bitten by the Brit bug in more ways than a perfectly brewed pot and has visited Buckingham Palace where she spotted the Queen and Prince Philip, along with royals William, Harry and Kate. Up at the crack of dawn each day, Karyss is an early riser, taking her time to wake up slowly, drink her coffee, walk her pup and get a head start on the day. Seems to be working as she’s always at the office before 9 am raring to go. She’s a University of Calgary Communication Studies grad and clearly was a bit of a teacher’s pet as she carries copious amounts of commendations for her organization, multi-tasking, work ethic and well-developed written and spoken prose.

Senior Client Advisor

Born and raised in England, Amy has that affable accent and British charm we all love about the Brits. She is an enthusiast of English literature, computer technology, art, and drama. She’s no rookie to the spotlight either. After graduating Chichester College with a BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts and Media Studies, she worked with an acting and modeling agency in London and appeared in several British TV shows. She stayed busy after moving to Canada in 2007 as well, selling ads for a small visitor’s magazine in Cranbrook, BC where her energy and sunny outlook helped double the size of the magazine within a year. She went on to start her own sales and marketing company throughout the East Kootenays while moonlighting as a paramedic and appearing in numerous TV shows and movies filmed in the area. See if you can spot her in Hot Tub Time Machine or Disney’s Santa Pups. Amy has been a member of the Carto Team since the beginning and she highly values all the relationships she has developed with her clients.

Lead – Strategy & Sales

Alina is the queen of organization and is a firm believer that everything has its place. She doesn’t limit her talents to just a tidy home and workspace either. She’s got tips for days on how to efficiently format our spreadsheets, declutter our inboxes and present top-tier powerpoint presentations. She grew up planning birthday parties, which led to a passion for event planning and she brings a fine attention to detail to every task she takes on. A 2015 NAIT Digital Media and Information Technology graduate, Alina has the tech-savvy skills to get any job done and especially thrives on challenges that demand creativity and critical thinking. She loves taking walks or yoga breaks throughout the day to clear her mind for new ideas and she’s always got a bottle of water in hand, a tea steeping on her desk, and a drawer full of obscure American treats like Wild Raspberry Pop Tarts, Cotton Candy Oreos and Peanut Butter Muddy Buddies that she’ll gladly share. Not surprisingly, Halloween is her favourite holiday and you can guarantee that even if the rest of the office comes to work in everyday clothes, Alina has been furiously putting her chilling ensemble together.

Lead – Culture & Communications

Becky is an uprooted East Coaster who followed an offer to write for a small-town Alberta newspaper a decade ago. She studied journalism at the University of King’s College in Halifax and won four Alberta journalism awards for articles she wrote while working as a news editor in Edmonton. She’s the one on our team constantly squabbling about the Oxford comma and proper Canadian spellings. While living in southern Alberta, Becky founded a women’s tackle football team called the Lethbridge Steel and helped in the creation of the Western Women’s Canadian Football League. One concussion too many ended that pastime and she now trains in Taekwon-do. Becky lived in South Korea teaching English for a while and has studied a few languages herself, always brushing up on Duolingo before travelling. She loves to have morning, afternoon and evening cups of tea, preferably with a book in hand as her goal is to read one a week and to someday have a library that rivals Belle’s in Beauty and the Beast.

Coordinator – Culture & Communications

Molly is an artist and a dreamer who loves travelling and new experiences. She studied fine arts at UBC Okanagan where she discovered a love for sculpture, welding and transferring images onto plywood. In fact, she was chosen to be one of five Canadian students who travelled to Ajijic, Mexico to live as artists-in-residence for a month. She loved working in the sun, surrounded by other creatives, where she made collages that she turned into sculptures when she returned to Canada. She switched primarily to digital artwork and collage after university and is inspired by old photos of her family, nostalgia and items that make her think of family, which includes two dogs: an Australian Cattle rescue named Bailor and a Labradoodle named Olive. Molly is a foodie and learned a recipe or two from the Mexican house mom during her stay. She’s also a big fan of trying out new restaurants and bars in Calgary—where’s she lived all her life—and her bike rides along the river are generally food-motivated and more often than not end with cookies and cream ice cream, wha wha! Unless she stops at Village Ice Cream, then it’s melted chocolate all the way.

Coordinator – Strategy & Sales

Hey there, sports fans! You might know your stuff but we bet you’re not as fanatic as Vi. Her goal is to visit every stadium in North America and she’s already hit 15 of them. She religiously watches football every Sunday and various other sports nearly nine months of the year with her dad and friends, cheering for the Seahawks, Oilers and Dodgers. She’s also huge into hot yoga and snowboarding. So much so that she’ll drive four hours from Edmonton to Banff to catch a good snowfall for a day of shredding down a mountain and then drive home. Her collection game is on point too. Vi being a bit of a sneakerhead, collects shoes, mostly vintage Jordans, and has more than 40 pairs. Born and raised in Edmonton, Vi studied marketing at MacEwan University and has always been interested in the creative processes of advertising (maybe partially due to being a big Mad Men fan). But she might argue the best lessons come from the mob. At least on screen. Vi loves all things mafia-related like Casino, Goodfellas and The Sopranos and as far back as she can remember always wanted to be a gangster. That’s a joke.

Coordinator – Strategy & Sales

Michelle moved to Vancouver a few years ago from Hong Kong and is quite the linguist. She perfected her English by getting involved in student groups, working in a bubble tea shop and joining an a cappella choir. She also speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and Korean—thank you, Korean dramas!—a little bit of Japanese and enough Portuguese to teach her friends how to swear. She has become quite accustomed to the West Coast’s laid-back lifestyle and loves looking up at the sky and the tall trees. She says in Hong Kong the buildings are so tall she didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy nature in the same way. She’s noticed that even our escalators are laid-back, whereas in Hong Kong they’re so fast that if you’re not paying attention you could fly right off. Michelle studied communications and publishing at Simon Fraser University and has an interest in book jacket design. She loves a simple image that uses the right colour scheme to capture a reader’s attention—you might say she really does judge a book by its cover. She loves wandering and exploring the city, book in hand, and if she’s not hanging out at a coffee shop in Gastown, she’s most likely lounging around English Bay.

Client Advisor

Vanessa is a whirlwind of energy and fun. She’s been skydiving and bungee jumping and still has more to check off her bucket list. Fitness is very important to her and she likes mixing up her routine with spin, boxing, hiking, flag football and slow pitch. She shames us all with her self control around carbs—except when carrot cake and gummies are in sight. Hey, we all have a weakness. Having previously worked for WestJet as a flight attendant, Vanessa has travelled all over the world and is passionate about experiencing other cultures. Catching the sun on beautiful beaches doesn’t hurt, either. She loves volunteering her time and travels to a different country every year with Habitat for Humanity. She also finds a new group to volunteer with every year and has worked with the SPCA, In From the Cold and various soup kitchens. You’ll always find her with a smile on her face and if you want to make her day, just pop in with a sugar-free cinnamon dolce latte with coconut milk.

Client Advisor

Choose a sport and Connor will show you how it’s done. He’s a fierce court competitor—just pick up a racquet and find out. He dominated the ping pong circuits as a teen, winning provincials three times and was ranked the number-four squash player in Canada and number-two in Alberta. He’s also a passionate dirt biker and has traveled to Costa Rica, Mexico, and Argentina for the thrill of an intense trail ride. Not surprisingly, Connor gets some of his most inventive ideas while he’s working up a sweat. A Calgary native, Connor moved to the windy shores of the East Coast, receiving his major in finance from Dalhousie University’s ROWE School of Business in 2016. He was chosen as Dal’s JDC Central MVP (2016) for his extensive community involvement. Connor can grow a mean ‘stache and headed up the program’s Movember in 2015/16, earning them a number-one ranking fundraising spot in Canada. He also led the team on the Inside Ride and Feed Nova Scotia charities. Connor is definitely the go-getter you want on your team to get any projects up and running as he finds pure enjoyment in helping people solve complex business problems through analysis and teamwork.

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