Boston Pizza Ellerslie launched its first campaign with Carto in mid-August 2016, using mobile Hyper advertisements, retargeting, and Facebook advertisements. Using these methods, the campaign focusing on BP’s delivery service took off quickly and the Ellerslie location saw a 50% spike in delivery following the launch of the advertisements. After turning off the campaign in mid-September, there was a lull in deliveries. Carto then relaunched the delivery ads in October and BP Ellerslie immediately saw a 50% increase in deliveries that weekend.


Carto is a digital marketing supplier focused on its Hyper capabilities, ensuring clients the most cost-effective and efficient way to connect with consumers. Boston Pizza Ellerslie partnered with Carto to target its desired customers and to increase sales and deliveries.


Boston Pizza Ellerslie is a franchise, which operates as an entity under the BP brand. As Boston Pizza is regulated through call centres for customers, BP Ellerslie was having issues with receiving call-centre deliveries in South Edmonton for nearby neighbourhoods, as the calls were instead being sent to a location further away.


The main goal for BP Ellerslie was to increase awareness for the location of its Boston Pizza. After increasing awareness within the surrounding neighbourhoods, BP Ellerslie’s ultimate focus was to increase clicks on deliveries, and in turn to generate sales. The implementation of the delivery campaign was for Carto to target BP Ellerslie’s surrounding area, by drawing a geo-fence around the restaurant, and to then deliver ads within this area to persuade customers to call the store directly, rather than the call centre.


Hyper-Targeted Programmatic Ads – Mobile

Hyper advertisements use demographic and geographical filters to only show advertisements that pertain to the target audience based on the client’s description of the target consumer. Boston Pizza Ellerslie used Hyper ads on mobile devices to target customers in the surrounding neighbourhood.

Physical Retargeting

For this campaign, Carto used its physical retargeting capabilities. This type of retargeting is done by collecting an individual’s unique device ID once they click on the ad or after it simply loads onto their screen. Then, based on time of day or geographical location, that individual can be delivered additional advertising. Carto retargeted customers who physically came into Boston Pizza Ellerslie and those who previously interacted with mobile ads by clicking on the initial advertisement.


Carto ran a paid campaign on Facebook to increase the calls that the Ellerslie location received directly for deliveries. This call-to-action was created to decrease the amount of call-centre calls that BP Ellerslie was missing out on that had been directed to other Boston Pizzas in the area.


During the campaign, the Ellerslie location saw a 50% increase in deliveries from its store. This was an increase that was directly attributed to Carto, as BP had customers call directly to the store for the campaign, whereas previously the customers would have been directed to the call centre. BP Ellerslie also noticed that the delivery locations were places that it had not delivered to in the past, as callers had been directed to a different franchise location but were actually located closer to the Ellerslie store. These deliveries led to a $6,000 increase in delivery revenue, with no extra traffic entering the BP
Ellerslie location.

Furthermore, Carto was able to give BP Ellerslie data on the delivery campaign, specifically noting the time of day of clicks and the frequency of advertisements served that converted into a click. Looking at the time of day of clicks, Carto was able to suggest that BP Ellerslie alter its delivery campaign to align its advertisements with the time of day when clicks are highest. From Carto’s Hyper data, the highest click-through rate came from individuals who were seeing the advertisement for the first time. This aligns with the purchasing pattern predicted by Carto, which was that those who saw the ad were previously interested in ordering and needed to only be prompted once with a call to action. Those who saw the ad multiple times were less likely to click and assumingly less like to be interested in the offering at all.


Boston Pizza Ellerslie has seen a significant difference through its usage of Carto’s Hyper technology to target its desired customers in the deliveries campaign. By using Hyper programmatic advertising on mobile, retargeting, and Facebook, Boston Pizza has seen a 50% increase in deliveries in both current and new neighbourhoods. After pausing its campaign, and restarting it again, Boston Pizza Ellerslie was able to attribute the increase directly to the Carto advertising.