The Colliers International Alberta Office ran two Edmonton-based campaigns with Carto Media between August and November 2016. The first campaign focused on promoting Colliers Industrial Park listings, while the second focused on its Office vacancies. The first leg of the Industrial Park campaign resulted directly in five leads through web forms and phone.


Carto is a digital marketing supplier focused on its Hyper capabilities, ensuring clients the most cost-effective and efficient way to connect with consumers. Carto partnered with Colliers International, beginning in the summer of 2016, and ran two campaigns.


Colliers International is Canada’s premier commercial real estate services company. Its core service offerings are brokerage, real estate management, valuation, consulting, project management and project marketing and research. Colliers currently manages 39.8 million square feet.


The two campaigns Colliers ran with Carto focused on its Industrial Park and Office listings. Carto targeted Colliers key Industrial Parks and Office listings in Edmonton with the goal to increase overall brand awareness, as well as to generate inquiries on website forms. It provided Carto with a list of the Industrial Parks to target and a list of five building classifications with addresses in downtown Edmonton. This campaign ran between 6:00am to 6:00pm, concentrating on downtown office hours.


Hyper Programmatic Ads

Hyper advertisements use geographical and demographic filters to only deliver advertisements to the target audience based on the client’s description. The campaign asked its target audience questions to prompt them about their leases, such as “Is your lease about to expire?” This encouraged potential customers to contact Colliers.

Physical Retargeting

Carto used physical retargeting capabilities as one aspect of this campaign. This type of retargeting is done by collecting an individual’s unique device ID once an ad has loaded onto their screen while they are located within one of Carto’s geo-fences (there is no additional need for interaction to capture the device ID). Then, based on time of day or geographical location, that individual can be delivered additional relevant advertising.

As Colliers office targets were in high density areas, only the individuals who interacted with the ad were retargeted with additional ads. With the Industrial campaign being less dense, both those who were served an impression in the geographic area and clicked were retargeted using storyboarding.

Through storyboarding, Carto was able to build a narrative with the Colliers brand to speak to the target audience. Carto used a three-step process with storyboarding to prime individuals through Colliers Industrial Parks and Office listings to increase engagement. The first step was to create general awareness. For Colliers, this was done by prompting the question “Lease about to EXPIRE?” This brings general awareness to both the brand, as well as the campaign. Following this, Carto gave a value proposition with “Edmonton’s Industrial Real Estate Agents”, bringing to light Colliers role. Storyboarding concluded with a call to action (CTA) for the individuals. In this case, Colliers CTA was “Request a Call Back from a Colliers Office Real Estate Agent”. Individuals can get multiple impressions from the same ad, in the storyboarding order. This is proven more effective than serving the same ad multiple times.


From both the Industrial Park and Office campaigns, Colliers saw success from the Carto web forms on its website. There were 5 leads which were created from the web forms and phone calls that Colliers was able to attribute directly to the Carto ads from the Industrial Park campaign. From these leads, 4 were from the inquiry form and 1 was a direct phone call. Both campaigns saw a similar click-through rate (CTR) at 0.28%, with the Industrial Parks campaign having delivered more impressions.

Through analyzing the sites that the ad was served on, we saw the strongest CTR of 8.33% on


The 2 campaigns run between August and November for Colliers saw success with a strong and consistent CTR. Carto’s strategic use of hyper and physical retargeting, led to 5 leads from the ads. Because of the value seen from hyper, Colliers and Carto have now signed a one-year exclusivity deal for Colliers Alberta’s digital advertising.