Gateway Toyota ran a two-month campaign during September and October of 2016 with Carto Media with the intention of promoting the clearout event of its Rav4 vehicle line. Toyota had three different targeting strategies: local neighbourhoods, competitor locations, and website retargeting. By focusing on neighbourhoods around its dealership, Toyota intended to target consumers who were likely to be potential customers based on their demographics. Through targeting competitor dealerships, Toyota worked to convert potential buyers at other dealerships by directing consumer awareness to its Rav4 vehicles. The third campaign was a retargeting strategy for customers who visited the Toyota website. This was a successful retargeting campaign as seen through a high click-through rate.


Carto is a digital marketing supplier focused on Hyper-Targeting capabilities, ensuring clients the most cost-effective and efficient way to connect with their consumers. Carto partnered with Toyota to increase traffic to its store during the Rav4 clearout event and on to its website in order to attain customers with buying intention, with a focus on the Rav4s.


Toyota has a strong presence in the automotive industry serving Edmonton and the greater area, selling both new and used vehicles. Toyota chose to focus on the Rav4s during its first campaign with Carto. Previously, Toyota worked with another digital advertising company, but this company was unable to offer the customization and detailed level of geo-targeting that Carto provides. Working with Carto provided Toyota with the desired results for this campaign.


The primary goal for Toyota was to generate high-quality leads for the Rav4 vehicle. This was accomplished by curating high product awareness through Carto by only advertising Rav4 artwork to measure the effectiveness of the ads. Toyota reached its main goal of creating quality leads that were interested in purchasing the Rav4, which will ultimately turn into conversions through having top-of-mind awareness created by this campaign.



Hyper-Targeted advertisements use geographical and demographic filters to only show advertisements to the client’s target audience. Toyota specifically targeted consumers in competitor dealerships and in the neighbour-hoods immediately surrounding its dealerships to increase awareness of the Rav4 clearout event.

Website Retargeting

Website retargeting is done by placing pixels1 on the client’s website and tagging visitors to serve them ads elsewhere online. Toyota used retargeting on its website to encourage re-engagement of quality leads who were shopping on its website. Website retargeting is crucial to remain top-of-mind as the potential customer continues to shop around comparing other brands. Toyota’s call to action with the clearout event was successful in becoming top-of-mind and encouraging customers to revisit the website, giving Rav4s high consideration.


During the first month of the campaign, the dealership attributed the sale of six Rav4s specifically to the advertisements Carto was running. This is proven, as Toyota did not advertise through any other mediums for this product, as well as through the increase in online traffic and sales rates. Toyota said that with Carto’s help it was maintaining sales only 1% below the previous year’s sales, compared to similar dealerships that are seeing a reduction of over 30% year-on-year. Furthermore, Toyota expects to beat last year’s numbers by the end of November, and had to switch out its creative strategy to a different model as it ran out of Rav4s to sell.

The dealership noted that it may not have seen high numbers of impressions, but did see high-quality leads. The largest campaign, which targeted mobile devices in neighbourhoods that are nearby to the dealership and contain the target audience, saw 369 clicks and a click-through rate of 0.20% in September.


Throughout the two months of advertising, Toyota has seen successful results in the Rav4 campaign with Carto. Carto’s strategic use of hyper-targeted programmatic advertisements and retargeting has led to significant movement of Gateway Toyota’s Rav4 inventory, directly attributable to Carto. After the success of the Rav4 campaign, Toyota is now using Carto’s technology for its vehicle safety and Toyotathon campaigns.