How Hyper Works

Defining Your Ideal Audience

Hyper works by creating a profile based on your ideal customer. It only serves ads to those who match your criteria.

This customer can be defined by any of our filtering abilities: demographic, behavioural and geo-location. Additionally, the granular-level filters of time of day, operating system and browser choice can be implemented to further refine your target audience.

Let’s dig a little deeper

There are many variables in each targeting category. Each of these is carefully selected and optimized when finding the right audience for your campaign.




Sites Visited

Geo Location



Time of Day
Variable Atwork


Our technology allows you to reach people in an area as finite as a neighbourhood, street or even a building. By using geo-fencing, your campaign will only reach audiences of interest to you. You won’t find a more accurate advertising medium.

The Power of Device IDs

Each mobile device has a unique ID used for the purpose of advertising. We track population movements and interactions with points-of-interest to build a profile for each device ID. For example, if someone visits a fitness centre and natural foods store it seems obvious that they are a health-conscious consumer and ads served to them can reflect this.

Unlike cookies, device IDs do not expire. This means we can retarget someone who set foot in a desired area a month or even a year later and show them a new ad.

Stock Market of Advertising

Hyper uses ad exchanges which act like real-time digital stock markets that handle all aspects of the display network, from publishers selling their ad space, to the advertisers bidding for each impression. The real-time bidding process happens fast. It clocks in around 100 milliseconds which is 4x faster than the blink of an eye.

Fruits of Labour

Your ads will appear on thousands of websites and apps reaching your target audience on their personal devices. We whitelist our network ensuring all websites and apps are brand safe. New website and apps go through a 3-month vetting process to guarantee they meet our standards.

Where Do We Fit in the Online Marketplace?

Hyper is the missing step between mass digital advertising (programmatic, social) and conversion marketing (search, retargeting). Hyper reaches people based on their interactions with the physical world. It targets your ideal customer and helps place you top-of-mind.

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