Alina is the queen of organization and is a firm believer that everything has its place. She doesn’t limit her talents to just a tidy home and workspace either. She’s got tips for days on how to efficiently format our spreadsheets, declutter our inboxes and present top-tier powerpoint presentations. She grew up planning birthday parties, which led to a passion for event planning and she brings a fine attention to detail to every task she takes on. A 2015 NAIT Digital Media and Information Technology graduate, Alina has the tech-savvy skills to get any job done and especially thrives on challenges that demand creativity and critical thinking. She loves taking walks or yoga breaks throughout the day to clear her mind for new ideas and she’s always got a bottle of water in hand, a tea steeping on her desk, and a drawer full of obscure American treats like Wild Raspberry Pop Tarts, Cotton Candy Oreos and Peanut Butter Muddy Buddies that she’ll gladly share. Not surprisingly, Halloween is her favourite holiday and you can guarantee that even if the rest of the office comes to work in everyday clothes, Alina has been furiously putting her chilling ensemble together.