Anna has been a creative character since childhood when the ambidextrous artist decided to write and paint left-handed and do everything else with her right. Hey, it’s tough being a lefty in a right-handed world. She has been smitten with all things marketing, communications and design since she landed her first graphic design job at 18 years old. Anna has worked on a Summit Creative Awards winning a campaign and volunteers on the marketing committee for the Nordlys Film and Arts Festival. She’s an adventurer who loves nothing better than getting out on the open road and driving to anywhere with a good view, a spot to set up a tent, light a fire, put up her feet and escape into a good book—or podcast. If she’s not participating in a dance or fitness class, she’s often off hiking and exploring another of Alberta’s trails. Anna has a love for learning and an eye for details and will work on a project until it’s pretty and makes sense. She’s our go-to for finishing touches and think-outside-the-box ideas.