Ash is the busiest person you’ll ever meet who still always seems to have her nose stuck in a book. A chill brainiac who is passionate about freedom of expression and the arts, she graduated from the Arts and Cultural Management Program from MacEwan University (2008) and later studied film studies at the University of Alberta. Ash is super involved in Edmonton’s arts and cultural scene and has volunteered as the treasurer for the Film and Video Arts Society, a programmer for Metro Cinema, the communications coordinator for the Edmonton Film School, a board member with Canadian University Press – Campus Plus, and as a coordinator with the Association for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth—she once caught a friend’s baby during a home birth when it decided to make an early arrival when the father was out of the room. To top it all off, Ash sings, plays guitar and tickles the ivories in several bands, and supports local musicians by attending their shows every weekend. Her fighter-pilot father moved the family to Botswana for a few years when she was a child, and she looks forward to returning there someday with her sons to dance and make music with the locals and camp out in lion country.