Ben likes to keep active by going to the gym, playing hockey and snowboarding. You’d think he’d have some painful broken bone stories to share, but his calcium stores are too strong for that as he’s never so much as had a fracture. Ben’s love of sports extends to the professionals too and the Blue Jays, Cowboys and Oilers get his loudest cheers—but that’s where the noise ends. He’s not one of those guys who’ll yell, “Missed a spot!” at unsuspecting zamboni drivers. He understands the pressure of having an arena full of people watching you manoeuvre a giant mop around the ice since he used to drive one himself. Ben graduated with a BComm from MacEwan, is also a NAIT Marketing grad and before coming our way worked as a Trainmaster at CN. This guy has had the coolest jobs! Ben likes to spend his weekends camping and brings along his very silly husky-cross Stella. If he happens to be sticking around the city he’ll either be sitting on a patio, drink in hand, or bingeing a new Netflix series while waiting for HBO to release the latest season of Game of Thrones. Oh, and he’s a strong believer that all of Westeros is screwed with a white walker dragon on the loose.