An outdoor enthusiast through and through, Cam is an avid hiker, runner, snowboarder, wakeboarder and mountain biker. He’s been involved in three avalanches, two Death Races and even caught a fish once while wakeboarding. How this guy is still alive, we’re not quite sure. It could be due to his eternal optimism. Cam always wakes up on the right side of the bed and might just be the friendliest guy you’ve ever met. He’ll converse with you for hours on any topic, including how to find the best lighting for nature photography, how to rebuild your car’s engine—he rebuilt his first when he was 14—or even the finer details of particle physics and quantum field theory. Cam has an MBA from Queens (2014) where he won multiple internal and external case studies, and also studied in Hong Kong while a University of Alberta student working on his B Comm. in Marketing and Business Law. Cam is our man in Calgary and his passion for life, learning, adventure—and fast cars—follows him from home to the office. He’ll always go the extra mile when it comes to client care and won’t stop working until every part of a campaign is race-ready.