Karyss is the office time-zone trekker. She’s always planning another adventure to check off her bucket list. She’s been bobsledding at the Austrian Olympic track, where she discovered that g-force is no joke; swimming in the Great Barrier Reef, where she got seasick ten minutes into the eight-hour boat ride; and biking through Munich, where surprisingly, nothing rough happened Oh, and let’s not forget her handful of visits to the happiest place on earth: Disneyland! This tea junkie will rarely be found sipping plain ol’ tap water. She’s been bitten by the Brit bug in more ways than a perfectly brewed pot and has visited Buckingham Palace where she spotted the Queen and Prince Philip, along with royals William, Harry and Kate. Up at the crack of dawn each day, Karyss is an early riser, taking her time to wake up slowly, drink her coffee, walk her pup and get a head start on the day. Seems to be working as she’s always at the office before 9 am raring to go. She’s a University of Calgary Communication Studies grad and clearly was a bit of a teacher’s pet as she carries copious amounts of commendations for her organization, multi-tasking, work ethic and well-developed written and spoken prose.