Keith likes to dabble in this and that until he finds an interest that truly defines him. He keeps a keyboard in his living room and practises every day. He’s gone to quite a few concerts but his number-one performer will always be Lana del Rey—he’s her biggest fan and will proudly rock a pair of heart-shaped glasses. He’s also a voracious reader and can quote Virginia Woolf to you while sitting around a blazing bonfire. Keith is pretty outdoorsy and can build a mean campfire. He also has a passion for gardening—his favourite flower is a blue rose—and is known for fiercely guarding his squash against cutworms during planting season. He’s a talented vegetarian chef, having come by this out of necessity when he embraced vegetarianism six years ago, and he makes a vampire-killing garlic bread. He loves beer and can answer any of your obscure questions about it as he began studying the finer points of brews when working in a liquor store. Keith is our littlest hobo, having lived all over and moving on to the next town when he feels his work is done. He’s originally from Winnipeg, but has lived in Richmond, Fort McMurray, Edmonton and Calgary.