Kyle knows how to Tetris a moving van. He has lived in 15 homes in eight different cities and is a pro at packing a box. He’s called Vancouver home for the past eight years and spent a couple of them fostering kittens. He’s kind of a softie and taught them how to play fetch and walk on a leash. He was involved in the music industry for nearly 10 years in artist management, event promotions and contract negotiations. He owned a record label, was a music blogger, published lyricist and a DJ. He’s now transitioning into video blogging. Kyle is driven in whatever he does and won top awards when he worked at InfoBip, Yellow Pages and Future Shop. He is a UBCO political science grad and loves talking about what’s going on in politics and world events. Kyle has dislocated his shoulder more than 20 times. How, you ask? Mainly through sports like soccer, volleyball and baseball, but for some reason even fist pumping and sleeping can throw it out of joint. Although a bit of a minimalist, his book and vinyl collections take up a fair chunk of space in his home. Oh, and all his Batman stuff. Bring up any topic with Kyle and you’re guaranteed to have an engaging conversation.