Michelle moved to Vancouver a few years ago from Hong Kong and is quite the linguist. She perfected her English by getting involved in student groups, working in a bubble tea shop and joining an a cappella choir. She also speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and Korean—thank you, Korean dramas!—a little bit of Japanese and enough Portuguese to teach her friends how to swear. She has become quite accustomed to the West Coast’s laid-back lifestyle and loves looking up at the sky and the tall trees. She says in Hong Kong the buildings are so tall she didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy nature in the same way. She’s noticed that even our escalators are laid-back, whereas in Hong Kong they’re so fast that if you’re not paying attention you could fly right off. Michelle studied communications and publishing at Simon Fraser University and has an interest in book jacket design. She loves a simple image that uses the right colour scheme to capture a reader’s attention—you might say she really does judge a book by its cover. She loves wandering and exploring the city, book in hand, and if she’s not hanging out at a coffee shop in Gastown, she’s most likely lounging around English Bay.