Molly is an artist and a dreamer who loves travelling and new experiences. She studied fine arts at UBC Okanagan where she discovered a love for sculpture, welding and transferring images onto plywood. In fact, she was chosen to be one of five Canadian students who travelled to Ajijic, Mexico to live as artists-in-residence for a month. She loved working in the sun, surrounded by other creatives, where she made collages that she turned into sculptures when she returned to Canada. She switched primarily to digital artwork and collage after university and is inspired by old photos of her family, nostalgia and items that make her think of family, which includes two dogs: an Australian Cattle rescue named Bailor and a Labradoodle named Olive. Molly is a foodie and learned a recipe or two from the Mexican house mom during her stay. She’s also a big fan of trying out new restaurants and bars in Calgary—where’s she lived all her life—and her bike rides along the river are generally food-motivated and more often than not end with cookies and cream ice cream, wha wha! Unless she stops at Village Ice Cream, then it’s melted chocolate all the way.