Becky is an uprooted East Coaster who followed an offer to write for a small-town Alberta newspaper a decade ago. She studied journalism at the University of King’s College in Halifax and won four Alberta journalism awards for articles she wrote while working as a news editor in Edmonton. She’s the one on our team constantly squabbling about the Oxford comma and proper Canadian spellings. While living in southern Alberta, Becky founded a women’s tackle football team called the Lethbridge Steel and helped in the creation of the Western Women’s Canadian Football League. One concussion too many ended that pastime and she now trains in Taekwon-do. Becky lived in South Korea teaching English for a while and has studied a few languages herself, always brushing up on Duolingo before travelling. She loves to have morning, afternoon and evening cups of tea, preferably with a book in hand as her goal is to read one a week and to someday have a library that rivals Belle’s in Beauty and the Beast.