Rinat loves adventure and will try anything once just to prove to herself that she can do it. She’s been hang gliding, bungee jumping, skydiving and zorbing—google it. You’ll be jelly. But once she’s accomplished something, she likes to move on to the next thing. She’s travelled all over Europe, Asia, South America, the US West Coast and New Zealand. Think of a place and she’s probably been there. She loves travelling because everything is new and the little things are all slightly different. Rinat is from Tel Aviv and earned her PhD in computer science from Tel Aviv University before moving to Boulder, CO in 2015. In Israel she worked on teams developing multimedia chips for mobile phones, small business accounting and a “smart home” controller. In Colorado, she co-founded a business with a fellow software engineer and they developed an online tutoring web platform to connect university students with tutors and hold one-on-one classes online. Rinat is a board-game fanatic and especially likes resource-management games like Tzolki’en and Catan—the first game to win her over. But she’ll play anything and likes having friends over for weekly games nights.