You know that one person who can figure out how to do anything and then does it better than you? Ross is that guy, though he’d never say so himself. Focused and meticulous, with a dry sense of humor, Ross lives by the words of the great Macho Man Randy Savage too, “Do the thing, ooooh yeah!” A graduate of the University of Alberta (2007) with a degree in history, Ross then honed his design skills as the Design and Production Editor at The Gateway newspaper, spending more time on his weekly comics than attending graduate classes. The devotion paid off as he went on to self-publish an e-book of his work in 2015. An avid pacer, graphic doodler, alpha cat, and wander-luster, Ross spent two months exploring the lands of his British and Irish ancestors in 2010, and a couple of weeks in Japan in 2015 only to discover that amidst a land rife with UNESCO World Heritage sites and natural splendour, the highlight of the trip was dinner theatre run by ninjas. At the office, Ross will sit for hours focused on his work, with the occasional guitar strumming or one-handed chin-ups breaks.