Vanessa is a whirlwind of energy and fun. She’s been skydiving and bungee jumping and still has more to check off her bucket list. Fitness is very important to her and she likes mixing up her routine with spin, boxing, hiking, flag football and slow pitch. She shames us all with her self control around carbs—except when carrot cake and gummies are in sight. Hey, we all have a weakness. Having previously worked for WestJet as a flight attendant, Vanessa has travelled all over the world and is passionate about experiencing other cultures. Catching the sun on beautiful beaches doesn’t hurt, either. She loves volunteering her time and travels to a different country every year with Habitat for Humanity. She also finds a new group to volunteer with every year and has worked with the SPCA, In From the Cold and various soup kitchens. You’ll always find her with a smile on her face and if you want to make her day, just pop in with a sugar-free cinnamon dolce latte with coconut milk.