Hey there, sports fans! You might know your stuff but we bet you’re not as fanatic as Vi. Her goal is to visit every stadium in North America and she’s already hit 15 of them. She religiously watches football every Sunday and various other sports nearly nine months of the year with her dad and friends, cheering for the Seahawks, Oilers and Dodgers. She’s also huge into hot yoga and snowboarding. So much so that she’ll drive four hours from Edmonton to Banff to catch a good snowfall for a day of shredding down a mountain and then drive home. Her collection game is on point too. Vi being a bit of a sneakerhead, collects shoes, mostly vintage Jordans, and has more than 40 pairs. Born and raised in Edmonton, Vi studied marketing at MacEwan University and has always been interested in the creative processes of advertising (maybe partially due to being a big Mad Men fan). But she might argue the best lessons come from the mob. At least on screen. Vi loves all things mafia-related like Casino, Goodfellas and The Sopranos and as far back as she can remember always wanted to be a gangster. That’s a joke.